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Accept group payments at checkout.

Easily accept group payments from your Stripe account.
Take advantage of our free 30-day trial period.
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Connected to Stripe.

Our solution uses Stripe Connect. Integration is easy, and you can access your Quarter payments through your Stripe account.

Advanced customization.

Personalize Quarter's design from your Dashboard. Add your logo, modify the color palette, and more.

Payment guaranteed.

A debit authorization equal to the total purchase amount is required on the initiator's card in order to guarantee order payment.

Simplify the group
purchase experience.

Groups have their own buying behavior and require a tailored user experience. By simplifying the payment process on your site, you gain an advantage over your competitors. Our pages are optimized to fit all the devices used by your customers.

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De nouveaux clients avec Quarter

Find new customers
with each payment.

There are often several payers behind a purchase. They may be unknown at time of payment, but they are your company's customers. Quarter allows you to see the collective purchases made on your site and to identify each new buyer. You collect precise information that will enrich your CRM.

Discover new
marketing opportunities.

Track and manage payments from your Quarter Dashboard. The graphs and data analysis will allow you to learn more about the purchasing behavior of groups on your site. You can use it to fine-tune your marketing strategy and prepare future campaigns.

Tableau de Bord Quarter

Plug and play integration.

You can integrate Quarter with just a few lines of Javascript, or use our WordPress plug-in. You'll be ready to go in less than half a day, testing and customization included.

// Create a payment of €1,000 to your Stripe merchant account
// and authorize a maximum of 5 contributors.

var checkout = QuarterCheckout.create('organizer');
  backend: 'stripe',
  backendKey: 'pk_test_123456789',
  quarterKey: '511822fa306601aeac18abe616b5eda5ad04c7d3',
  amount: 100000,
  currency: 'EUR',
  maxContributors: 5,
  group: function(group) {

The Quarter payment experience.


Your customer decides to pay for a purchase with Quarter.

As the initiator of the payment, a debit authorization equal to the total purchase amount is requested on his/her card.


Your customer invites the chosen participants, and pays his/her share.

The initiator invites participants by entering their email adresses and assigning them a share to pay.


Participants have 24 hours to pay their shares.

After the deadline, any unpaid shares will be withdrawn from the initiator's debit card.

Take advantage of our free 30-day trial period.

The trial period begins when you make your first transaction.