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Share payment for your group purchases.

Make a group purchase and only pay your share with Quarter.
Discover Quarter

Instant purchasing.

You don't have to wait for everyone's payments; your order is immediately approved by the merchant.

Customized sharing.

Whether or not you're paying equal shares, you can easily split the total purchase amount between all participants.

Secure payment.

Your transactions and payment details are encrypted and secured using the most advanced HTTPS and SSL protocols.


Select Quarter when you get to checkout.

To share payment for your order with your friends, simply choose Quarter when you get to checkout on our partner stores.

Choisissez Quarter à l'étape du paiement
Ajoutez des participants et partagez le montant total

Add participants and divide up the total amount.

Add participants by entering their email addresses or phone numbers. You can customize each participant's payment amount, or accept the automatic division into equal shares.


Enter your debit card information and pay your share.

As the organizer, you'll need to have the total amount due available in your bank account in order to guarantee full payment of the purchase. This allows the merchant to approve your order immediately.

Entrez vos informations de carte et validez le paiement
Les participants sont invités à payer leur part sous 24h

Participants are invited to pay their shares.

The participants will be invited by email or SMS to pay their shares within 24 hours. After the deadline, any unpaid shares will be withdrawn from the organizer's debit card.

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